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Mission Statement

Government Accountability's mission is to provide a comprehensive reference resource for people who are experiencing abuse by their own government, and to encourage the creation of additional web resources by teaching activist webmasters how to generate income while fighting injustice.

Why a "Government Accountability" site?

You may be wondering why a site like this is needed. Fair question. Let's consider it.

First, let's be clear on the primary purpose. It's this. To serve as a central source of information regarding the online resources that are available to people when they face governmental misconduct, either by an individual or an agency, within their own government.

You see, at present there are hundreds, if not thousands, of web sites and blogs regarding out of control government. While some are simplistic and of dubious value, others appear to be professionally created and would be extremely useful to people in certain circumstances.

However, in both cases, many of these sites are dead in the water. Although they are online, they are dead or severely neglected. Some haven't been updated in over a year.

Now consider a person who is experiencing serious governmental abuse, especially those who are experiencing it for the first time. Often without funds for effective legal assistance, they may take a course of action which seems reasonable to them, but in the end creates even more problems. Quite understandable when you consider their naivety, fear, anger, and the resulting confusion.

Obviously what they need most at this point are reliable information sources, and the moral support that comes through knowing that they are not alone.

But how are they to find these resources? Remember, many people are still functionally illiterate regarding computers and the internet. While they might obtain a degree of assistance from a friend or librarian, neither has unlimited time to donate. Nor is either guaranteed to know how to search the web effectively or how to recognize a unmaintained site.

However, if they can find their way to GovAccountability, they will find an easily searched global reference source of sites known to be active and the issues they address.

Of course there is no guarantee that everyone will find the answers they need. But on the flip side, many more people will find information, assistance, and emotional support than would have otherwise.

But maybe there's a way to expand the currently available resources. A way for existing sites to increase their staff and funds. A way to encourage the creation of new sites to fill obvious areas of need. I think there is.

The basic issue is the M word. Money. The concept involves developing methods by which activism sites can generate income and thus not have to depend exclusively on donations.

For many, perhaps most online activists, money plays a key role in determining how much time we can invest in our sites, and what kinds of staff, services, software, and equiptment we can hire, purchase, or rent. These factors then determine the quality and quantity of assistance or services we can offer.

Recognizing this need for funds, GovAccountability will explore income generation possibilities for two different, yet complimentary, groups of people. Group #1 consists of activists whose first focus is on people. Group #2 consists of successful online marketers whose first focus is on money. Working together, members of these seemingly opposite groups can each enjoy significant financial creating those needed sites and services which today do not exist.


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