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We the People
It's Not Just For America Anymore.

We the People. These words from the U.S. Constitution identify the only legitimate source of an elected government's authority.

Such power is granted on a temporary basis and founded on public confidence. When a public servant appears to have abused this trust or authority, we the people must demand that they immediately account for their actions.

If they cannot, they must be removed from their position. If we do not, we have exactly the kind of government we deserve.

Holding Government Accountable
(Part 1)

The first thing we do,
let's strip all the judges.


In Shakespear's play, King Henry VI, Dick says, regarding a coming revolt,
The first thing we do, let's kill
all the lawyers.

But times and tactics change. ;)

Starting in Florida's Tampa Bay area WorkerAds is being created to provide an alternative to the fruitless job searches of the unemployed.

GovAccountability Is Online!

Do You Have A Site Opposing Government Misconduct
At The Federal, State, Or Local Level?

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To Friends Outside the United States

You'll notice that G.A. is, at this time, very US oriented. That's because it's a brand new US based site with only one (part-time) employee. As funds become available, staffing will be increased allowing us to focus more on international issues.

In the meantime, if you have an English web site opposing a form of misconduct by your government, please send us some information about it. If appropriate we'll include it in the G. A. resources section.

Thank you for your patience.

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GovAccountability and Lean Cat...

First a disclosure. Lean Cat is the primary source of funds for

At Lean Cat, shoppers 'Window Shop' via 60 second video 'tours' of online stores and businesses. Much like display windows in a mall, these tours provide shoppers with an accurate idea of the kinds of products being offered. If interested, shoppers can then follow a direct link to the actual site. Otherwise they can simply continue to window shop.

When a purchase is made, the merchant pays Lean Cat a commission which does NOT increase the shoppers price. Thus by window shopping at Lean Cat the shopper saves time and reduces frustration while actively supporting the demand that ALL governments be accountable to their citizens.

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